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5 years ago

You know the feeling of literally falling in love with every bit and piece of makeup you see at the cosmetic counter...Its sort of like that drug that is seeping into the makeup, and once you start with one brand you or hooked...Or better yet its like a big thick lasso sitting inside the store...That lasso sits in the store and when it sees you begin to step and walk past the store, it immediately throws its lasso, catches you, and BAM...Before you know it you are in the fabulous store in awe of all the amazing makeup you literally have seen a thousand times...Better yet, before you know it, that makeup you already seen has been purchased and is coming home with you.....

This entire process is literally like a record on repeat, and before you know it you have enough makeup to be a professional makeup artist...Minus the skills, but still......

Lets face it, today us girls can never say NO to purchasing makeup...No matter what the price, we want it...And any excuse is good enough to make us feel all pretty and giddy inside.....

So I went to Mac.......You all know what happened next....!! I swear I am literally a walking target that says "I will buy each and everything I see in ten different colors!"......But I guess they know that spotting the fabulous Gucci bag.....You can spot me from miles away....

From fabulous single eye shadows, to some fun palettes, and a fun limited edition eye shadow...I literally hit a home run at Mac, or at least whoever rang me up did!

Here is what I purchased!:

Mac Snowglobe palettes in Cool & Warm:

I totally admit, for a while I tried not to by this...However that whole limited edition thing gets me every time....Of course I had to buy too....But I figured a warm and a fun color palette would be a good idea.....

I love the concept of the snowglobe on the front of the palette...However I will admit it is a tiny bit bulky for me, and from a girl who is always stuffing her makeup in her tiny makeup bag, that never works....

Both these palettes are perfect for any look really and allow you to create a day to night look..They are all super pigmented, and give you a variety of colors...

Mac Snowglobe palette in Cool:

This palette has six fun blue tone colors, which are perfect for a smokey eye and a fun everyday look....

Here is the colors it comes with:

Snowball: Icy white with sparkle
Illegal Cargo: medium-dark, smoky purple
Idol Eyes: ultra sheer smoky purple with chunky gold shimmer and silver flecks
Warm & Smoky:rich, vibrant violet purple with good color payoff and a smooth texture
Howzat:purple-tinted gray with so-so pigmentation but a smoother texture
Set To dance: A deep purple matte


Mac Snowglobe Palette in Warm:

This palette literally I would never have thought I would have fell in love with...But I have been in love with it since I got it..Not to mention using it all the time..Its been my go to shadow palette....The warm palettes are perfect enough for during the day, but even better to touch up and change up at night....The colors are super pigmented and totally worth it...

Winterscape is a shimmering, sparkly white. Its warmer than the white in the cool-toned palette, but theyre still similarand theyre both sheer. This has a lustre finish. There are other white eyeshadows that are better.

Colors in the palette:

Magical Mist: grayish-toned brown with warm, reddish undertones.
Patina: light-medium brown with a hint of gray and a golden sheen.
Buckwheat: frost a medium-dark brown with warm, red undertones and a shimmery finish.
Gaelic Gold: shimmery vibrant, medium-dark gold with yellow undertones and a shimmer-sheen finish.
Midnight Flurry: matte dark, gray brown with a little burgundy hue.


Eyeshadow in Legendary Black:

A fun goldish blackish grey with hints of green...

Mac Duo Palette:

I have been saying for literally years that mac needs this two palette, and finally it is here!! This is perfect for traveling and keeping your eyeshadows down to a minimum instead of going crazy when traveling...Best of all its small and compact!

Want this ?:


Mac Eyeshadow Pan in BLack Berry:

For a while now I have been saying that I need to branch out with matte shadows..So I decided to go for this beautiful light greyish clay like brown color...

Mac Eyeshadow Pan in Shroom:

This is my favorite color for under my brow bone...And a girl can never have enough..THis ivory shimmery off white is the perfect amount of shimmer and white for your brow bone and inner tear ducts....

Mac Eyeshadow In Mystery:

A beautiful matte light beige brown...
Want an eyeshadow refill pan?:


What do you think of this haul? WHat would you get?
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