I bought Inglot in Vegas

While I was in Vegas, I did a little bit of shopping in Caesar`s Palace. Surprisingly I only bought makeup. That`s kind of weird for me, because I like shoes, handbags, and clothing more than cosmetics. But I didn`t really have much time to shop. Also, I didn`t think I would find any of the aforementioned products worth buying in the neighboring shops. Anyways, I`m not much of a beauty person, but I have to admit they are fun to purchase and try out.
I was interested in trying out the Freedom System in Inglot. I`ve heard quite a bit about this company from beauty experts on the blogging sphere as well as on Youtube. I figured I would purchase a few since I probably wouldn`t get the chance to come across Inglot products again. Surprisingly, I googled Inglot and found out that they possibly have a location in Macy`s Union Square. Oh well, what`s done is done and I have no regrets. I bought 4 of the rainbow style eyeshadows and one shimmery gold one.
I had a lot of fun swatching the colors in the store. It was like color-palooza. The makeup artist was very informative and helped me match my foundation shade. But I simply could not tell the difference between my naked face and the part of my face where he had applied makeup, so I simply told him I`ll pass on the foundation. He said that my skin is quite flawless, so it`d be hard to notice how well the foundation helps with evening out skin tone and smoothing out texture. What a nice compliment, even though I hardly consider my skin flawless. =]
Here are the eyeshadows I purchased, placed into the magnetic palette. I don`t know what number they are, since I was eager to pop them all into the magnetic pan soon as I got back to my hotel room.
In the photo above, I picked the rainbows in these colors: grey-to-black, brown, purple, and blue. Lastly, I chose one shimmery gold one.
The color payoff was great when I swatched them in the store, but I have yet to actually try them out.
Honestly, I have plenty of decent eyeshadows already. I probably should not have purchased these as they were rather expensive and considering I don`t usually wear eyeshadow on a regular basis. I think they were about $7 per eyeshadow or something like that. I really wasn`t focusing too much on the prices. I do remember that the ombre rainbow eyeshadows cost $2 more than the regular ones.
I guess buying something out of the ordinary and something I didn`t think I could get my hands on back home was the selling factor for me. What drew me towards them in the first place was actually rainbow eyeshadow selection and the magnetic pan. It`s just perfect for organization and looks so sleek sitting in there.
These are the samples I got. A little container of the foundation he put on my face. It is the YSM 35. Supposedly, it`s good for dry skin, since I mentioned my skin feels especially dry in the desert. It did feel pretty good on my face. I almost couldn`t tell there was anything there. While he was applying it, it felt very nice and cool to the touch. Afterwards, it was smooth and velvety to the touch, not too tight compared to the rest of my naked skin. Also, I received 3 packets of the Under Makeup Base.
In conclusion, Inglot experience was good.

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