I Ate A Hockey Puck

5 years ago

Two weeks ago I had went to the Italian bakery and picked up cannolis and didn`t pick this lovely thing they call a hockey puck up since I wasn`t going to over do myself with pastry eating since that would`ve been excessive and this thing is huge. The little sign that`s infront of this tray didn`t say what was in it. It just said "Hockey Puck $2.00 or $20 for a dozen." So I decided to pick up one since I had no idea what was in it and it just looked chocolatey and had whipped cream spewing out the sides on top of a sponge cake so that was good enough for me. I had errands to run so it sat in the car until I got home and I am glad I waited til I got home because this was a messy eat as it had custard inside it with the whipped cream and it kind of wanted to escape it onto the plate and over the sides and onto my hands lol. It was delicious and definitely was my treat for the week.

Have you tried anything similar to this?
Have you had any treats today?

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