I am skinny NOT anorexic.

4 years ago

I`v not seen any similar posts on this website so thought I would get my opinion out there and hopefully discuss it with you lovely people. Disclaimer (kind of): I am not the type of person to body shame ANYONE. I do not agree with it, full stop. This article (guess you could call it a rant...) is inspired by the Facebook group `hips and curves not skin and bone.` After briefly commenting on the group explaining that it is wrong to body shame, I got immediately blocked..surprise surprise.


Just wondering if itd be acceptable for me to create a group skin and bone not hips and curves? Probably not yet apparently it is entirely acceptable and even more worryingly ENCOURAGED to spread the message bones and curves not skin and bones. Surely Im not the only one that sees the problem here? Its complete double standards. Apparently the moral of the story of most of these groups is to promote a healthy body image and not to bring others down. If this is the case, why shouldn`t I promote MY healthy body image? I exercise and eat healthily to keep fit, isn`t this what a `healthy body image` is about? Being fit? Well, news to me, apparently not. I post a picture of myself- I get told Im too skinny or I should eat a pie yet someone larger posts a picture of themselves and its all FUCK YEAH GURL POWER. WOOO! This is wrong on so many levels. Just because I am skinny doesnt mean I dont have feelings or dont find the sly digs hurtful. I am still a human. I have the right, just as everyone else does, to feel happy with my body and not be singled out, alienated or made out to be some kind of freak show for this. I speak up about being proud of my body and get accused of being pro anorexic yet someone larger does and gets all the praise in the world for sticking up for real women. It seems to me that unfortunately people decide to project their own insecurities onto other people, which is very sad. Its nasty and its malicious. Size in no way indicates a persons health and that is a ridiculous and completely false statement to make. Im not for body shaming ANYBODY- I believe no matter what our dress/penis/waist etc is we should be allowed to be happy with ourselves without having to worry about wether others find us attractive or not.

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