Hylexin Serious Dark Circles

5 years ago

I use cream, lime, cucumber, chamomile tea and the damned are still there. In addition to the bags under my eyes, I have the terrible bruises too. If he had only one of two things, I think the situation would be a little more insurmountable, because the spots are not as horrendous as well, but when it joins the two problems at once!

Reading many things to work around this small deviation of nature in my beautiful little face, I found the Hylexin, a product developed especially to reduce dark circles, not just camouflage them, such as lime.

According to scientists, "the dark circles are caused by the oxidation of hemoglobin in the capillary matrix of the area around the eyes."

It is this: imagine that around the eyes have vases, and when they break down they release a bluish-red pigmentation (the blood), which is reflected in our face in the form of the dreaded dark circles. What is Hylexin promises to reduce and stop the blood flow that was released and end the darkening of the region and strengthen the blood vessels to protect new breakouts.

The Hylexin should be applied twice a day (can not exceed 3 applications within 24 hours) in a circular motion around the eyes. Once product is applied, it is common to feel a warming in the region ... but calm, the product is only acting. In some people the result is visible in a few weeks, but the average is that 30 days notice if any softening of dark circles. Sounds good, right?

My impression about the product: I bought Hylexin by e-bay for about $ 50.00 for a tube the size of a lip gloss from Victoria`s Secret. In the early days I felt my skin burning when applying, exactly as in the description. I felt a great improvement in the first week, more in scholarships than in spots, but after a while I think my dark circles started to get used to the formula and the product did not do the miraculous effect. Still using, and when I wake up very swollen face and I, I feel that it gives a reduced.

I recommend that you buy? Honestly, no! Not that it`s a horrible product, but I find it very expensive for what promises much and does not meet (at least I did not fulfill). I imagine that the market offers more affordable products with similar effects.

Source link: http://www.drugstore.com/hylexin-serious-dark-circles/qxp302902?catid=182915&fromsrch=hylexin

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