Hydrogen Peroxide for health and beauty.

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Howdy Luuuxies! Today I wanna blog and brag about Hydrogen Peroxide! Lol. I know, a bit of an odd thing to post on the Health & Beauty universe, but you can actually use it precisely for that!

I had heard about this working for so many things as far as health is concerned, but not long ago, I also learned of other ways this can be used.

First off, let`s talk about one thing: let`s say you get a cut anywhere on your body and it`s being stubborn to heal up, so then you add some of this to it... it will literally pull out any bacteria and clean it up real good. So that covers on the health side.

The other thing is that it also helps people with acne! Believe it or not! I know of a cousin that uses this all the time (I personally use Duac topical gel). She washes her face with really nice hot water and soap, then she pats the hydrogen peroxide to the areas where she gets it the most. To be honest, I think it does work, I`ve noticed that the areas that she puts it on is very clean and clear.

But not long ago, I was using google to try and find out how to get rid of stubborn ear wax. I always use Qtips, but I guess some of it still stays there. Well anyways, I couldn`t hear from one ear, and it was really scary.

I came across a post that said that if you pour some Hydrogen peroxide, it`ll clear it up! I did it, and it tickled, but it sure cleared it all up. So that`s something to keep in mind!

How about all you Luuuxies? Do you all use it? And for what?

Again, not my image, check sourcelink.

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