Hydration Unsweetened Green Tea

5 years ago

Green Tea is one of my favorite type of teas. It tastes great hot or cold, mixed in ice cream, used in milk tea, and so much more. Today I got some unsweetened green tea from Hydration. It`s second favorite place to go for milk tea because the tea flavor is always stronger than the milk or sugar flavor. This green tea was so refreshing, and it tasted really good unsweetened, but I know a lot of people wouldn`t like their teas to be this strong. This tea reminded me a lot of En Oi Ocha`s bottled green teas, so if you like that you will like this green tea from Hydration, but if you don`t I would suggest getting the sweetened tea.

The price was a little ridiculous. It was $3, which isn`t bad, but considering that their milk tea with pearls is about $3.50, and I got an unsweetened green tea with no pearls, it didn`t seem worth my money. However, I`ll probably get it again in the future just because I do like the taste.

<strong>Do you like green tea? Do you prefer sweetened or unsweetened teas?


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