Hyatt Regancy Vancuver Mosaic bar and grill Take 3! Part two

4 years ago

When we went there, we were greeted by a Japanese host and was sat down next to the window. I was staring at a seagull staring at me while sitting on a light post which was quite entertaining since he moves around like a turkey HAHA.

For our first course, we got the Maan Farms Corn Bisque with jalapeno sopapilla $7. The consistency was a little thin for a soup, but the flavour was pretty good. I didn`t really taste any jalapeno spiciness but the sweetness of the corn was nice. Not too heavy, a good started. I actually didn`t even get to try the triangle things on the side since my boyfriend devoured it before i could get my hands on it. I really liked that the presentation was super simple, chic and modern. Straight forward food is my kind of food :), although i do like fancy food too.

My boyfriend took quite a long time to drink the soup, but our mains were finally here! I was so hungry~ Here I had the Weathervane Alaskan bay scallops with a squid ink risotto, roasted corn, pickled red peppers. I was really surprised that my risotto came black LOL. I can`t say that the squid ink gave any special flavour, but then again, I never tried squid ink before so I wouldnt` know. Look at that presentation! This is what I`m talking about! Little pink flowers, roasted corn, thinly sliced parmesan cheese and perfectly seared scallops. This dish was to die for! My boyfriend liked this dish more then his lamb (which is his favorite!) LOL, i was gonna be like "MY PRECIOUS!" but i had to be the good girlfriend and share HAHA. And the price is mind blowing too! $17~~ So cheap taking into consideration that we were eating in downtown, in a downtown hotel and the food was amazing...this was cheaper than Cactus club :).

My boyfriend got the Cumin five hour roasted lamb, rolled eggplants, tzatziki, preserved lemons. I didn`t really taste the cumin but the lamb was cooked perfectly. Ughhh so good~ the sauce was alright. Didn`t really get to taste this since my boyfriend is a beast when it comes to food! LOL I joke i joke (but seriously). $21

Since my boyfriend was curious about what truffle (not the chocolate, the fungus) is, I decided that we should get a side of truffle pomme puree (essentially mashed potato but more delicate and lighter). So good...My boyfriend is officially understand why truffles so expensive :).

We somehow squeezed in a dessert but I asked the waitress what is the smallest dessert. When she gave me the dessert menu, my eye just shot right to the white chocolate mousse since my boyfriend is in love with the white chocolate itself. I wanted to surprise him since he had to go find the washroom. Right when our dessert came, they dimed the lights down so I apologize for the quality of the picture: /. Our chocolate mousse came as a pyramid, a strawberry aspic tip on the top and an airy white chocolate mousse. This actually isnt my favorite dessert but it wasnt bad. The balsamic reduction is a little out of place since the white chocolate is so delicate flavoured, the balsamic reduction is just too strong and over powers everything. There also was a side of brunoise of strawberries that was tossed in some balsamic vinegar and topped with some Chantilly (whipped cream + icing sugar + vanilla extract).
Overall, I was pleased to say that Hyatt is back on my HAVE TO GO restaurants. Their price point is awesome, most expensive thing there is only $21 and the food quality is absolutely mind blowing. Dinner all together was only $50 for two people (one main was for free), definitely will go back :). I hope any of you guys that read this or come to Vancouver, please please please go check this place out.

What do you guys think of the food? If you were in town, would you stop by? :)

*all pictures are mine*

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