Hyatt Regancy Vancouver Mosaic bar and grill Take 3! Part one

4 years ago

About a year and a half ago, I went to Hyatt Regancy Hotel`s restaurant in Downtown. It was my friend Karen`s last week before she was going to move to Toronto for school and stay there for possible her whole lifetime so I wanted to treat her to a dinner.

My first experience there was absoultely mind blowing and that restaurant has been my go to restaurant whenever I went to downtown Vancouver. Since I had this special card membership which allows me to have a buy one get one free on entrees since I work in the industry, it was just the no brainer place.

Tuna tataki salad rested on a piece of banana leaf, topped off with a brunoise of avocados, cucumber, mandarin oranges with a acidic sauce (guessing its a vinaigrette?)
I still remember we had the tuna tataki salad, paella and lamb. Everything was soo damn good and I remembered that the presentation was absoultely inspirational. I actually losed the picture of the paella which is a shame since it was soo good but heres the picture of the tuna and lamb. $17

This was the pan seared Peave River Lamb resting on some mille feuille potato (basically scalloped potato without the cream and what not, but its nice and crispy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside) and some sauce robert (brown mustard sauce). I was seeing starts when i was eating this back then and i wanted more! Well later on i mean.

So the second time I went back at night with my boyfriend, we were just wanting to eat and we took the sky train from Richmond all the way to downtown just to eat their food. It was a complete disaster. The pictures you see above, the food level was completely not there. I was so surprised since they did so well the first time. Keep in mind, I myself am a professional cook so I am really picky since from the time the plate sits in front of me to the time I taste it, I dissect everything in my mind. This might not be a fun thing for me since I cant convert my mind back to the good old days when food was just food to me. But because my passion for food grew, so did my knowledge.

Me and my boyfriend ordered the lamb again, the same one from above, and a chicken dish with gnocchi. Ugh, it made me so mad. I was expecting the same lamb. They frinkin gave literally a rectangle of the potato, five French beans laying sadly on the side like dead corpses, three rounds of the lamb and sauce just splashed onto the plate! It looked like something the dishwasher plated.Like seriously? I was sooo pissed, I was ready to storm into the kitchen and throw the plate back at them. Thats not even the worst thing. The chicken was absolutely terrible! I dont know if a smoker or whoever made my food, but did they taste the amount of salt they put into it? The amount of salt they put into it, I can clean bacteria out of my mouth without (You know, when youre sick or have a sore throat, you would dissolve salt into water to kill bacteria). I was pissed. I was completely pissed. I didnt come all the way just to eat their food and be completely disappointed. If I wanted mediocre, somewhat edible foodId just go to McDonalds! I swore after that experience, Id never go back. I even told the waitress that the food standard was not even there, even showed her the lamb picture above and she lied to my face saying that they changed the menu. BullshitI hate it when they try to save their ass and make up excuses. I didnt even touch my chicken, it was so damn salty.

Just last Saturday, I told my boyfriend that he and I should go to Sears downtown since everything was 70% off since they were closing their store there. We got really good deals and i got things for $3 :). Anyways we were hungry but we couldn`t decided what to eat. Just on the way walking on robson street, we saw that there was a small section of the block was blocked just for us to....Oh yes, it is what it looks like :). Whoever had this idea is GENIUS! After a long day at work and still walking around, my legs were KILLING me. Me and my boyfriend almost didn`t want to leave since it was so comfy but our hunger was getting to us LOL. But i was scared if we did fall asleep, we`d sooo get mugged. He said "Hmm since we don`t know where to eat, lets just go to Hyatt then." I was really hesitating but I said sure.

(To be continued...check my personal page for part two)
*all pictures are mine*

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