Hurricane Cookies!

4 years ago

While the worst of Hurricane Sandy beat down on us a couple days ago, I braved the weather and walked next door to my best friends` apartment to hang and wait out the storm there. Between the four of them, me, and a couple other friends that came over, we had quite the little hurricane get-together going on!

I really wanted to bake cookies, so I ran back to my apartment to grab ingredients. Then we realized we had no chocolate chips... so my one friend decided we would drive to the nearest grocery store really quick while the rain let up (although in the middle of the night when everything is wet, it doesn`t really help that much anyway, lol). So finally I was able to bake my cookies!

Two of my friends were rushing to complete schoolwork before the power went out and I was hoping I`d be able to bake all the cookies in time, lol. Thankfully our power stayed on, though. I made a few batches of chocolate chip cookies and everyone loved them! They were a hit! And the cookies helped us stay up and get through the night, lol. We watched the rain and wind come through - it was insane! But being with such good friends is always a good time :) Especially when there are fantastical chocolate chip cookies involved!

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