Hunting for the Right Pair of Knee - High Black Boots (Jessica Simpson Ambery vs. JustFab Tamara)

I have been looking for a pair of knee-high black boots as you can obviously tell from the title of this post. I can`t believe I don`t already have a basic pair, especially the super basic kind that I am looking for.

The criteria I look for are:
leather or faux leather material
structured, not slouchy, i.e. the boots can stand up on their own
pref. .5-1 inch small platform for comfort
pref. 3.5 - 4.5 inch heel, absolutely no higher than 5 inches (seems simple enough, but nowadays heel heights are soaring...what the heck is going on? 6 inch heels are so not practical.)
no stiletto; slightly thicker heel for stability and comfort
office/work appropriate - fits well under slacks, pairs well with skirt suits
casual - wearable with everyday cold weather outfits
stylish - gives me confidence and makes me feel pretty, lol
price point: under $100, depending on quality & material, pref. around $50 to be honest
Tall order? Why yes, I am one picky girl.

Can you tell I`m wearing two different shoes?
Here I am wearing the Jessica Simpson Ambery (bought in brand new condition from eBay seller for around $55, also in taupe grey shade) on the left & the JustFab Tamara ($39.95 w/ free shipping & returns) on the right. They are actually very similar but different in their own way of course.

Jessica Simpson Ambery
Leather upper; Man made sole
Feels soft and smooth, slight sheen
JustFab Tamara
Dual - Man made upper with canvas panel in back; Man made sole
Faux leather or synthetic materials are A-okay with me, but I am not a fan of the canvas panels. Canvas to me is a cheap material and isn`t really meant for the type of boot I`m looking for. Also, it feels scratchy against the back of my leg. However, the stiffness of the canvas helps keep the boots` shape.
Structure, Shape & Design
Jessica Simpson Ambery
can stand up on its own, but can tip over if it`s not arranged right
rounded toe has seams that caps off in the front. It`s not a big deal, but that looks a little weird to me, like a Sailor Moon design.
half-zip. I don`t use the zipper. I just pull them on/off.
If you see the picture of the back view, these boots have a tab in the back, which I do not like.
I think these look a little more feminine. When I look down at my feet, the JF appear to have a more masculine shape, probably because it has a wider footbed.
JustFab Tamara
can stand up on its own, but can tip over if it`s not arranged right
full-zip. I don`t use the zipper. I just pull them on/off.
typical front panel design.

Front & Back Views
Both these photos don`t look that great. The boots look wrinkly, because my calves don`t really fill out the boots. I don`t think I have skinny legs either for someone of my height (5`2").

Heights - Heel & Boot Itself
Jessica Simpson Ambery & Just Fab Tamara are both :
approx: 5 inch heel, 1.5 inch platform, 15 inch shaft, 14 inch circumference
Both are very comfortable as I stomped around trying them on in my home, but I don`t think they`d be difficult to walk in on the street either.
However the heel height is higher than I`d prefer, especially for work. When I first showed them to my boyfriend, he said `I don`t like elevator shoes.` Lol, but they don`t look TOO bad once I put them on, in my opinion.
Both have a shaft height that is too high for me. They come up right below my knee caps, which is not the most comfortable nor does it look flattering on my super short legs.
Jessica Simpson Ambery
sturdy, but skinnier heel
JustFab Tamara
very sturdy, chunky heel

I think the JF ones look less wrinkly, because the canvas panels smooth keep the materials smoothed out.

This I just noticed and found interesting.
I ordered both boots in size 6, which is what I typically wear for boots. The JustFab boots actually say 5.5 on the inside of the boots, but have a 6 imprinted on the sole. Lol, but I`m pretty sure they are a size 6.
Also, there`s a plush animal print on the inside. It`s a nice touch, but I don`t like animal print. No one can see it, so it`s not a big deal.

The JS boots just have a typical black lining.

So to summarize, I feel similarly about both pairs. They are okay, but I wish the heel, platform, and shaft heights weren`t so high. Despite that, they are quite comfortable. I hardly feel the angle that my feet are positioned in. However, I think I will return the JustFab boots because the canvas panels are not comfortable to me.
The Jessica Simpson boots are brand new, so I did get them for a pretty good deal considering they are leather. I might want to remove those little tabs sticking out of the back. They are irritating as hell. The JS pair is not exactly what I am looking for, but I will hang on to them for now. If I find something I like better, I will put these up on eBay.

It`s tough when you know exactly what you want, but the market doesn`t seem to have it available. It`s always these super basic items that you think every store should already sell.

P.S. I am also half-heartedly searching for ankle boots with pretty much the same criteria. But since they would be ankle height, then I wouldn`t worry about shaft height. Though, one thing I can`t stand is when the ankle circumference is too wide and my thin ankles are swimming in the shoes. *groans audibly*

Ok, signing off from long-winded babbling. If you`ve actually read all this, I thank you very much!

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