Hungry for Animal Fries!!

4 years ago

My body has been acting weird again! I`ve been craving food even when I am super full, haha. This time, I was craving cheese, bacon, and ranch fries from Charley`s, when they were closed at 7pm, and I was late 15 minutes lol. So my next resort was Animal Fries from In-n-Out!

In-n-Out`s Animal Fries consists of a melted slice of cheese (I think it`s Kraft cheese lol), grilled onions, and their special sauce that you can get for free in packets if you ask. Usually, I would ask for no onions but this time, I decided to eat it again to see if my taste buds have changed their mind. I didn`t hate it as much this time around.

These run for around $3.50-$3.75. I think it`s an okay price. I think that they do skimp on the sauce because every time I get half way through my fries, there is no sauce leftover lol.

-Picture is mine.

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