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Hunger Games- The movie known as one of the best this year.
I have to agree. I have also read some of the books. So I have a mixture of things to say. That movie filled me with emotions. So in the movie there are 12 starving districts. Every year the do the hunger games where they pick a girl and a boy from each district. They train for just a little while. Then they are put in a arena and are expected to kill each other. But the part that made me cry was when the girl rue and her(main character) form a bond and the little girl got killed with an arrow right in front of her face. It`s kind of like really. A 12 year old getting killed by like a 16 year old. Everyone in the capital(people who are not apart of the districts and have all the food to eat) and the people in the districts have to watch this on tv 24/7. Because the people in the capital don`t know any better, they see this as entertainment. Meanwhile the people in the districts see this as torture. But, anyways the last one standing wins money and all the food they want and need. But to know more watch the movie. But I really am on the side of telling you to see the movie. All I also highly believe you should read all three of the hunger game books.

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