Hunger Game Blues: What to Read Now

5 years ago

Today I`d like to introduce my fellow luuuxers to another dystopian read. This novel, called Divergent, is one of the most popular and positively-reviewed of its kind, just below The Hunger Games. So if you haven`t read it, I highly recommend it. It`s a little slow getting started, but is well worth the time.

The story is set in a remade downtown Chicago. The government has realized that it`s not political or religious affiliations that divide people, it`s the kind of person one is. Therefore each person identifies with one of five "factions" to live their life in.

The factions are (1) Abnegation, who always put the needs of others before their own, (2) the Dauntless who are brave and fearless, (3) the Erudite who are studious and desire knowledge above all else, (4) the Amity who are peaceful, and (5) the Candor who are always honest. Every year all 16-year-olds must choose a factions to devote themselves to for the rest of their lives. Most choose the one they were born into.

Beatrice, one such 16-year old, much choose whether to stay in her current faction: abnegation; or move to another. When she goes in for the exams that determine which faction is most suited to her personality, she discovers she is "divergent", and told to keep it a secret.

The rest of the story involves her initiation into the faction that she ends up choosing. It`s somewhat like a military boot camp, and if you drop out or aren`t accepted by the end of initiation, you end up "factionless", which is considered almost worse than death in her society.

For me this book was really fun. It`s interesting when you`re familiar with the areas described in the book and have to picture them in this new, strange world. Veronica Roth did a great job in keeping the novel on track and interesting. I`d rate this above the last novel I reviewed (Delirium/Pandemonium) on awesomeness scale. And as an added bonus the sequel, Insurgent, is coming out in just over a month!

Also Summit Entertainment has bought the rights to the movie, so even though nothing has gone forward yet (that I`ve heard of), there is a pretty good chance that there will be a film down the road.

This book is pretty popular, have you read it yet?
What other similar books have you or are you reading?

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