Human Planes, Let`s Fly in the Sky!!

<em>Do you want to experience the thrill of flying in the sky like birds?</em> It would be cool if we can but I`m afraid not but you can blow yourself and attach it to a RC plane lol. This RC plane has a human body (3 RC planes) and it was flown into the sky in New York. Many people living in New York witnessed this and thought it was pretty trippy but really it`s just a campaign for the 20th Century Fox film "Chronicle". The reason being is that the characters in the movie can fly too so the ad producers thought this would be a good idea. These RC planes were flown between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

<strong>If you saw three fake people flying, would you stop to take a photo? Do you think this is a good campaign?</strong> Even though it`s fake from afar you might think it`s real! Then you snap a photo and tell your friends/family and they will think you`re weird... lol. :) As for campaign... this can only be seen in New York that day, time and now it`s gone so if someone wants to see it again they won`t but the power of Youtube allows you to so I guess it`s pretty cool! I`d like to witness the flying people over my head in person though.

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