Huge Ulta Real Techniques Brush Haul

2 years ago

I was soooo excited when I received my package in the mail today. I was waiting for a week which seemed liked forever when you know you have goodies coming in the mail. As you can see, I made this purchase online from Ulta and once again the box that it came in was squished again...sighs... But I`m glad no products were damaged.
Ulta was having and still is as far as I know a sale on the Real Techniques brushes for BOGO 50% off. And there were a code for $3.50 off $10 I hoped on the band wagon and purchased these brushes. I had been wanting them for a while and this was definitely a great time to get them. They also sell these at Walmart but they charge you regular price for them and I`m not sure if they have all the brushes there either, at least not the sets I think.

~~So this is a list of what I got.....

**Real Techniques Powder Brush**

**Real Techniques Blush Brush**

**Real Techniques Setting Brush**

**Real Techniques Expert Face Brush** (I already own one already, so this is my second one)

**Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set**

**Real Techniques Starter Set**

The sets were $17.99 each. And the rest were around anywhere from $8-$10. And of course they are going to take the 50% off the lowest priced item. But still this is a great deal. Both of the brush sets came with a brush case that they say you can make stand on your table. Haven`t tried that out yet. But so far I am loving the brushes even though I haven`t tried them yet and when I do I will do a review on them.
In the starter set I thought I was getting the Pixel Point eyeliner brush which it states on the description box on Ulta but when I got the package it was the Fine Liner brush instead of the Pixel Point eyeliner brush which I am really happy about. I was gonna go out and buy the Fine liner brush separately but I am glad I don`t have to now cause a lot of people love this brush for gel liners instead of the other one and I myself personally prefer this one over the old one too.
Omg!! I am sooo excited and giddy right now. I can`t wait to play with my new brushes and I am already thinking about buying backups of each brush except for the Expert face brush because I already have another one along with this new one I just received. I was also given two samples. I requested skincare samples but received perfume samples instead. I guess they had a huge volume of orders and ran out. I was given two samples of the Versace in Bright Crystal...and the other is ....Yellow Diamond. So if you want some affordable brushes, you might wanna check these out!!

**pictures belong to me, please don`t use without permission**

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