Huge Park Field (of geese)

5 years ago

The day before Easter Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to go visit my little nephew! My boyfriend bought him a huge kinder surprise which was quite nice of him :). After we gave it to him, we brought him to the park to play for a few hours. I was trying to teach him to ride the tricycle however, he was really scared. I told him to go on the swings and he was scared of that too haha. He is 2 years old so I guess its understandable but, the swings had safety belts on it ! My sister/ His mom told me that he likes the tire swings though. I don`t mind the tire swings but I get motion sickness and I can puke from that :( ! After we were about to go, my boyfriend saw a huge flock of geese on the field and he went to go take a picture. My nephew ended up going too because he wanted to scare the geese haha. Because he doesn`t run so fast, the geese just walked away from him haha so cute!
That has got to be the first time I have been so close to a flock of geese in my life haha ^_^

<strong> My sister`s story bout her occurence with a geese <em>LOL</em> </strong>:
When my sister was young, she went to China and saw a geese. Being the not so sneaky girl she is, she threw a rock/stick at it. The geese saw and ran away. A few minutes later a flock of geese started <strong> chasing </strong> my sister. I bet she was so <strong>scared</strong>. LOL
I laughed when she told me this story

<strong> Have you been near a geese before ? </strong>

take care
the picture above is mine

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