Huge Ice Cream Waffle Cone - Last Night Dessert

5 years ago

Last night after dinner with some friends we went for ice cream. I wasn`t thinking of getting anything as dessert but i haven`t had an ice cream from that place in such a long time and my friend had a coupon that offered 50% off, so why not?!

This one is a waffle cone where i could pick 3 ice cream flavors, 3 extra solid toppings ( like cookies, chocolate pieces, etc) and a regular topping. So here is what i picked: 1 caramel scoop, 1 regular and dark chocolate with almonds scoop and 1 strawberry cheesecake scoop. For toppings i got american cookies, caramel squares and crumble with a condensed milk topping.
Honestly this was just awesome but it was huge, i got a bit sick for a while from so much ice cream and i didn`t finish the whole cone ( i ate until the part with the napkin) but it was really good. The price was actually much better and turned out cheaper than the smaller ice creams because it had an original price of 3.70(4.84$) and with the 50% discount it was 1.85(2.42$).

The ice creams there ( they are from the brand "Ola", that has ice cream stores also) are a bit expensive but worth it, especially the ones with the condensed milk topping, its just awesome =D

Also, once again, i forgot to take a picture as soon as i got the ice cream and started digging right away lol so sorry because its not the full ice cream picture, but luckily i did remember soon after i started eating it and not at then end xD

<strong>What do you think?
When was the last time you had ice cream?
Do you have "Ola" ice creams where you live?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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