Huge Haagen-Dazs Haul

4 years ago

Ice cream time. Well today was the first day of a new sale at Costco and what I did I get??!! Haagan-Dazs ice cream bars!!! They were $3 off the orginal price of I believe $11.49 or so and each box has 15 bars. Now that`s a great deal compared to other stores. So I picked up 4 boxes. I orginally wanted to only pick up 2 but my husband said, why not just pick up 4 boxes. I was like, for real!! It`s good for me, but bad for my waist. That`s why summer is the worst time to go on a weight lost I had to go to 2 Costcos to get them. The first one I went to were sold out. And this lady pissed me off at that Costco, she pissed me off so bad that I almost went looking for a Costco Associate. What she did was she had one box in her cart and went to the freezer and opened another box, which was the last box, and gave her kid each a bar so I assume they could each eat one. And I think she stuffed the one in her cart with a few more bars than it shoud`ve contained. I`m not sure about stuffing the box but it looked really stuffed. And by the time I could find an associate, the kids would`ve been done with the bars anyways. I hope they check her box at the checkout. Anyways, so I went to a another costco and thankfully they had like almost over 40 boxes of haagan dazs..yes!!! So if you are a costco memeber, make sure to go check these out and pick up some for yourself!

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