HUGE Clothing Haul :D

5 years ago

all pictures belong to me* click for better quality (: Heyyyyy! It`s been so long since I`ve posted it feels weird :P but I`m glad to be back :D After I got back into the swing of school and finished sending out all of my giveaway prizes, I finally have time to blog again! Speaking of my giveaway, THANK YOU all who entered, and congratulations to the lovely winners ^^ On to the point of this post... I recently did some major retail therapy (lol), which is why I`m currently having to live like a beggar :P No more spending money for a while! I actually usually never shop at F21 for clothing, but I wanted some new, affordable clothes for the Spring..and decided to browse their website~ Surprisingly enough, I found some really cute things and made a trip to the physical store :) . Here`s what I got: _____From Forever 21;Category=whatsnew_all&amp;ProductID=2000040055&amp;VariantID= in Pink, Dark Navy, & Cream; Size: S ($22.90) - I seriously wanted to get this blazer in every color! It`s a classic, lightweight, versatile blazer that`s perfect for the Spring <3 Not a bad price and it seems to be constructed well :) Seriously recommend these! Love them! Get them while you can!;Category=sweater&amp;ProductID=2087533091&amp;VariantID=, in Baby Pink; Size: S ($14.90) - These cardigans were originally $29.80, but are currently 50% off! Again, they`re pretty sheer and lightweight, so great for the Spring weather :) I really like the button detailing on the sleeves~ Simple and cute ^^;Category=sweater_cardigans&amp;ProductID=2000033582&amp;VariantID= in Cream; Size: S ($24.80) -This was definitely not worth ~$25, but I think everyone just needs a sheer, white cardigan for the spring :) It goes with practically anything and it`s just fresh and super comfortable! Definitely could have done without it, but hey, at least I know I`ll get a lot of use out of it (:;Category=top_blouse_shirts&amp;ProductID=2000033314&amp;VariantID= in Navy; Size: S ($19.80) - I`m super excited to wear this blouse :D I`m usually not a fan of crop tops, but I love how this isn`t too short in the front, and it`s a nice length in the back :) Super loose and flowy, very easy to dress up or down, and it`s really different from anything I own :];Category=top_blouse_shirts&amp;ProductID=2005757590&amp;VariantID= in Cream/Black; Size: S ($19.80) - I actually didn`t even get to try this on, but I thought it was super cute and had to get it :) Just another loose blouse that`s casual and comfy, but can be dressed up to look more formal as well~;Category=whatsnew_all&amp;ProductID=2087534107&amp;VariantID= in Nude & Yellow; Size: S ($14.50) - These are just really simple dresses that I thought would look great under the blazers I bought or with a cardigan :) Very lightweight (surprise, surprise :P) and flowy~ I obviously have a problem with getting the same piece of clothing in multiple colors -_- haha but I couldn`t pass up the yellow one! I`m trying to wear bolder colors this spring instead of being my usual boring self :P Plus, the price was pretty hard to beat~;Category=btms_shorts&amp;ProductID=2008584372&amp;VariantID= in Cream; Size: XS ($17.80) - By no means do I think these are worth $17.80, but I`ve been wanting a pair of white shorts like these for a while~ They`re really not that special, but when I put them on I just really like them :) They have a flattering fit, aren`t too short, and are just simple and classic (much like a lot of other things in this haul!) I suppose the price had a little to do with the included belt~ The belt feels more rubbery, but isn`t bad; just a standard belt that goes well with the shorts IMO :) _____From Target in Emerald City; Size: XS ($17.99) - The price was a bit steep, but I got matching skirts with my best friend, so it was worth it :) Plus, I don`t wear skirts very often, so I thought why not?! :D I absolutely love the style and how it comes with a braided belt~ The green was just too pretty! (It`s definitely no true to color in the picture :T) Again, loose, flowy & lightweight <3 . aaaand, that`s it! As you can tell, I spent so much money on clothes I might need to go to rehab lol but I`m happy with everything that I got and hope some of you follow the links to purchase something for your own ;) Let me know in a comment down below what you liked or what you didn`t like :) Thanks for reading! and as always, feel free to rate this post, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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