Hug a Vending Machine: Get a free Coke.

4 years ago

What if you could get something for free just buy hugging it? Well that`s what`s been going on at the University of Singapore!

Coca- cola is doing this for their "Open happiness" campaign and marketing stunt. The normal "Coca-Cola" logo has been replaced by the words "Hug me!"

Instead of putting in money to the machine, you squeeze the sides instead! I wonder how a small person like me would do that though...

Apparently since PDA is discouraged in Singapore, advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather thought they could use this as a push to creating a "non-threatening ally to demonstrating youth."

The machines are a huge success and they are planning to put them all across Asia.

Give your two cents:

Do you think this is a good marketing ploy or are they just wasting money?

In my opinion I think everyone already knows what Coke is and there is no reason to do this just for marketing. Nevertheless it is a cute idea and if I lived in Singapore I would go everyday to get my free coke.

Their goal is to spread happiness. Do you think this will spread happiness?

Ehh. Yeah who doesn`t like free stuff? Long term happiness: probably not. It seems it has worked for a probable cause though, because Mr O`Grady stated:
`The reaction was amazing - at one point we had four to five people hugging the machine at the same time as well as each other! In fact, there was a long line of people looking to give hugs.`

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