Hubby make Steak

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

The other night, we had a very VERY quick meal - STEAK and onions, no salad nothing else, just steak hahah if only i had coke. it`d be a great match

We had T-Bone in particular

There are things i like and dislike about having steak at home versus out at a Restaurant.

At home, i don`t have to act all pretty and neat, i can DIG IN put my legs up to my chest and eat like that too (which i do sometimes especially in winter). Plus i don`t have to wear make up so i dont care what my lips and teeth have to look like ahha. BUT the main factor is that i can have my steak done PERFECTLY the way i want it - even if you say Medium rare, or medium i seem to like it inbetween the two, but you can`t really say that to the waitress/waiter right? ahaha. Another bonus is.. MONEY! Much cheaper at home.

The advantages of eating steak out though is.. the better cut. most of the time, the steak is in better shape, a thicker cut also. At the markets, i seem to only fine thinly sliced ones (pictured above). Another factor, as we can all guess - you dont have to cook it nor wash up =] hahaha

dO you guys agree?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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