Hubba Hubba Application: Dress yourself!

<strong>Hubba Hubba</strong> is a free photo editor application for Apple users. This application is for both male/female, you get to chose your photo of choice: your photo will turn to black and white and then customize your photos by adding earrings, hats, necklaces, bows, eye wear, and so forth. Then at the end you chose some funny word as your title. Example "Bad Ass", "Confirmed Bachelor", "Cougar", "Hottie", "Mama`s Boy" and there is a long list to chose from. I chose Material Girl for mine and added a bow for my hair and nerdy glasses.

Overall: This is just a fun application if you`re bored plus it`s free. I won`t be using this application often but it`s just fun to have around when you`re bored. However, if this was a paid application, I wouldn`t buy it though.

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Photo via Print Screen from my Apple iPhone.

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