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5 years ago

Hi everyone! I recently stopped by the gas station to get myself a drink. But while I was in the line up, I noticed Hubba Bubba and Bubblicious gum. I did not know that they still produced them. I remembered chewing these back when I was a kid. And since I have not had them for quite some time, I decided to pick up 3 packs. Here`s what I picked up (from top to bottom):

-Bubblicious Bursts in Mango Peach. This pack comes with 7 pieces since the pieces are not as big as the regular Bubblicious or Hubba Bubba gum. This smells absolutely amazing and tastes just as good. The gum is called bursts, because the inside of the gum is filled with juice (peach or mango, not really sure). And when you bite into it, it "bursts." Overall it tastes more like peach in my opinion. The downside to this is that the taste only lasts for about 15 minutes and then you have to spit it out.

-Hubba Bubba Max in Mystery Mix. This pack comes with 5 pieces. Since there is no description of what the flavour is, you kind of have to guess. In my opinion, I think it tastes like sour cherry lemonade. A piece of this gum is huge! I kind of had troubles chewing this hahaha. Again, the flavour did not last long, probably around 20 to 25 minutes.

-Bubblicious in Strawberry. This pack comes with 5 pieces. I absolutely love the taste of this gum. I believe this was one of the first flavours the company has ever made. I had troubles again when it came to chewing. I question how I was able to chew this as a kid. The taste lasted about 20 to 25 minutes.

After picking these up, I felt like a kid again. I was quite giddy when I opened the first piece. And of course, I had to blow bubbles. :)

Have you tried these as a kid? What is your favourite flavour?
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