Huawei Pegasus-Sculpture With 3,500 Phones + CGI Work

5 years ago

Huawei is sure trying to make a serious impression into the mobile phone business, where they seem to be growing with their nice phones and cheap prices.
The Huawei Pegasus is a sculpture made with 3,500 smartphones , 5.7 meters tall with 4.8 meters wingspan and it was placed outside the Huawei press conference.

The sculpture looks beautiful and the fact that is made interialy by phones its fascinating and i do wonder if they are all made with the same smartphone or different ones from them. When I see all those phones i do think its a bit of a waste of phones, but they make them so its their loss.

But the Pegasus is not just to be shown outside because it was also used to create promotions for Huawei. They hired Oscar-winning Framestore to create the moving Pegasus and im suspecting it will be their mascot and a new advertisement.

Check out the video to see the sculpture being made with all the phones, the cgi creating process and the result of it.

<strong>What do you think of the Pegasus sculpture with 35.000 phones? Do you also think its a bit of waste in phones in a way?</strong>

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