Do you ever have those days where you just have to have a salad... whether you are craving it or it`s just something you have to have in order to satisfy your appetite for the day? I have been having those kinds of thoughts for the last week. While I do love and enjoy food, it seems like I always have a craving for a hearty salad.

Today - I went to the grocery market and I was on the search for veggies to add to my cobb salad. Luckily my avocado tree has avocados... so I scored that one from my tree. While I don`t normally make my salads pretty - I was lucky enough to have my hubby home with me to make my salad look like a masterpiece.

What`s included?
Romaine Lettuce (as the bed for the other goodies)
Hard boiled eggs (2)
Avocado (1/2 of a whole avocado)
Tomatoes (diced)
Chicken Breasts (roasted)

For dressing - I had a drizzle of papaya seed dressing, one of my favorites.

I get asked often... does it really taste that great? And, here`s my response to that... Salads plain jane can definitely be a kill joy for those whom are transitioning and trying to eat healthier. So spruce up your salad with a drizzle or two of your favorite dressing... if the low fat or no fat version of that dressing is to your liking - use some of that. Cobb salads to me are best for those that are trying to "diet" because it includes so many different textures and flavors that you really don`t feel like you are missing out on anything and you can easily get full because of all the different types of proteins and veggies.

Another tip - sometimes changing your mind set and how you naturally think really works. They actually do taste great... repeat after me now, "They actually taste great". lol Another favorite thing to do is add strawberries or fruit to your salad, nuts are also a great healthy choice with great flavor and textures and of course, cheese is also a great additive. Sometimes just choosing your favorite foods in Low Cal, Low Fat or No Fat will all the difference in the extra calories or fat intake and you don`t have to sacrifice your favorite flavors. Also - don`t forget that adding your favorite foods to a salad in moderation (regardless of the fat content) can help ween you into eating healthy - if it`s needed.

Enjoy your Salads... and eat healthier. While I love to cook, I crave salads often and it just helps to rejuvenate my body and even my soul.


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