HTML5 and Mobile Internet

4 years ago

HTML5 has opened up the possibility of creating truly cross-platform web content. Before, if you wanted to create content for Android, iOS, and Blackberry, you would have needed different coding for each platform, now you can use a standard base code and use CSS to provide custom styling for different formats. This is exactly what are trying to do, with their new web games bingo 90 and bingo Lite. This isnt an easy task. HTML5 isnt fully up to specs, and there are still a few issues to iron out. For instance many older phones, and phones produced by the smaller names in mobile technology (basically anyone who isnt Samsung or Apple) have varying levels of support for HTML5. One of the largest challenges within this is creating something which works with the memory capabilities of mobile browsers. Using a native App rather than a browser allows for more memory usage, so when it comes to browser usage, any CSS and JavaScript needs to be as economical as possible, as well as the development team taking advantage of caching to reduce bandwidth usage. Aside from some of the minor issues that are bound to be ironed out (HTML5 should be complete in 2014) HTML5 offers a lof of advantages to developers, with the speed to market being one of the biggest. tombola cited this as one of their reasons: HTML5 gives us the capability to provide mobile gaming to our existing and new customer base far quicker than we would with a native app. It also meant we can issue updates and bug fixes much faster than waiting in a queue for an app store approval process. This sort of speed actually allows for a closer relationship with the player, as feedback can be dealt with much more quickly. A plus for anyone who is creating the very thing their company survives upon. tombola have received a lot of positive feedback since they launched their games too, and have said that their expectations over mobile gaming are higher than ever. At the moment, browser based games will inevitably play catch up, but this doesnt mean that HTML5 is not worth embracing in its current form; on the contrary, we would probably recommend using HTML5 right now. This is because its exciting right now. HTML5 is a constant discovery with new features appearing day by day. For developers, all of this is new, and to succeed with something new is very rewarding. HTML5s potential lays very much down the road, and while it may take a while to get there, ever increasing competition between technology giants like Google and Apple means there is an ever increasing need for new features and adaptation. Especially, when user interaction with the internet will rely more and more on mobile, and tablet technology.

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