HTC One S - New Phone!!!

Yesterday i went into Phones 4 U and uprgarded my phone, my contract was up next week anyways but they said i could just upgrade and carry on as usual. I pay £20 a month or there abouts with tax it went up slightly. I used to have the Blackberry Curve 8520 (i think). The women was really helpful and said i might be able to get one of the expensive phones because i wasn`t getting a new contract and just wanted an upgrade and she brought out the HTC One S. I was originally going to ask about ta Sony Ericsson Experia phone - I did actually want an Iphone but i can`t afford one and can`t get it as cheap. So i considered a HTC and the women was listing everything it did and it sounded amazing and i think it only came out last week so it`s so so so good that i got it on £20 a month! It`s the new version of Andriod with a HD 8 megapixle camera - which is amazing and a camera on the front which i believe is like 2 megapixles. It`s such a great upgrade from a blackberry! For my music it has Beats Audio and the music sounds so great on it - i feel bad for neglecting my Ipod Touch for my new toy! From what i`ve been playing on it - It`s a great phone and i love it! Does anyone else have this phone and what apps should have download from the Andriod store?!

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