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Now we all know that the mobile phone community has been growing RAPIDLY this year in the techno world. First with the iPhone 5. Then the HTC One. Apple topped it off with the iPhone 5s with iOS 7, along with the fingerprint scan unlocker... now HTC has upped the gun and just in my opinion completely DESTROYED Apple with the new HTC ONE MAX!

Now, let me tell you.
I`ve been an HTC fan, but not a HUGE HTC fan. The HTC One came out this past summer and I was extremely `amazed` (lol) and thought to self they`re really killing Apple right now. Not only did they dupe the metal back from the Apple iPhone 5. . . But they turned around and added EXTRA features that killed iPhone 5 (in my opinion). For example the boom sound, brought to you by beats by dre. That, alone is freakin` amazing. And gives ME soo much life. Not to mention, it`s a 4.7 inch display, corning gorilla glass (scratch proof), internal 32/64 internal GB 2 GB ram, and running Quad-core with 1.7 GHz Krait 300. As the iPhone 5 runs 1.3 GHz. Now if that`s not terrific and a huge difference idk what is. . . .

Now, to top the HTC ONE, Apple had to do some upgrades. And what did they do? Of course as always come out with the seri version of their latest device; that`s right, iPhone 5s.

(Don`t get me wrong. This phone is pretty cool, I guess. If you want a phone that`s practically a dupe of it`s last generations with minor upgrades. Some things I can say is pretty cool about the iPhone 5s is the fact that it comes in GOLD I also commend Apple for upgrading their OS to the new iOS7. Although I am not a big fan. It`s about time they came up with a NEWER updated operating system, rather than the old one they`ve had for YEARS. Although in my opinion it`s a dupe of Android`s GO app. But what.ever. lol)

But back to the subject at hand, HTC ONE MAX.
This STUNNING phone is probably the most amazing phone that`s getting ready to hit the market. For 1. It`s a freaking upgrade of the HTC ONE. Anything upgraded from that immaculate beauty is F#&@ing awesome in my book.

For starters, the phone has a freaking 5.9 inch display (2 cm difference from the Note 3), 373 ppi pixel density. Built-in amplifiers, 16/32 internal storage, also has a micro SD slot (something the HTC ONE didn`t have), already comes stock with the latest OS Android 4.3 Jellybean, along with Quad-core and 1.7 GHz Krait 300. Now one thing I can say about this phone that kind of disappoints me is the camera. As the iPhone 5s kills this phone with their 8 Megapixel camera, this camera only has 4. Now I thought Apple killed the game with the fingerprint sensor but I also knew that Android wasn`t going to let them take all of the credit. Not only does this phone (HTC ONE MAX) have all of these intriguing features that murder the iPhone 5s but they ALSO have the fingerprint scan sensor. Although I believe it could have been placed else where instead of the back of the phone at the end of the day it still has a fingerprint scanner lol... which is pretty f$#@ing cool. Sooo... overall this phone is pretty damn sick. :)

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