HTC Evo 3D: What do you think of it?

So about a couple months back I decided to trade with my cousin, her HTC EVO 3D with my original HTC EVO. I had heard reviews about how the EVO 3D would be better from my husband regarding internet usage, speed, etc. Well, so far it has been better but really not by much. I am wondering if it is the cover that I have on there that is causing it to not work as well or if it is because of where I am compared to where the Sprint towers are or just if my phone has something wrong with it. I know that the original one that my cousin traded me, I had issues with it so when I took it to Sprint they actually gave me a refurbished one instead since the other one needed more work because it wasn`t responding. Now it seems like I have a hard time with the connection and service the most. Is it just Sprint or is it my phone? Any comments or suggestions on what I can do?

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