HPR day5 (sorry for the lateness!)

4 years ago

HEY READERS! im sorry for the lateness of this HPR project. this was supposed to be up on monday but now it`s tuesday! ANYways lets get started on my hair review! today im going to review Treseme heat tamer spray. now im sure you`ve heard of this many times before and a lot of people loves this product. im one of those people! i won`t buy another different heat protect ant for hair styling. although i do want to try beyond the zone heat tamer spray for straightening my hair! IT is easy to use since it`s got a great spray head and it smells really clean and good. after styling it leaves my hair soft and not heavy at all. it has vitamin E in it to make hair soft and shinny and i agree that it does a great job at that. sometimes i just spray this in my hair even if im not styling my hair. it makes my hair smell nice and feel soft and un tangled. I got it for about 7$ at CVS and compared to higher expensive heat protect ants, it works great! and i think the price is also good too. you can get them at any drugstores that carries treseme. like Target,walmart,CVS,and walgreens.it lasts me quite awhile. maybe 7 months? now, i dont style my hair often but when i do i use a TON of heat protectant cuz i don`t want to damage my hair! lol. if your looking for a heat protectant on drugstore, just try out the treseme heat tamer spray and see how you feel about it. i doubt anyone would hate it.:)
-easy to use pakaging
-smells good
-leaves hair soft and not heavy
-takes awhile for the protectant to dry
-good price

over all! i give this product......a 8 out of ten! it`s not a hoily grail heat protectant or anything but it does it`s job a bit better then any other heat protectants i`ve tried.^^

thank you for reading and c u next time!<3 J.J

> Do you have a fav heat protectant? if yes, what is it? tell me in the comments below!:)

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