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hello readers today im going to be reviewing garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioner. im sure you see this almost everywhere you go target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreen ,just general drugstores. The price is very cheap. it`s 3-6 dollars depending on where you get it and where you live. i got mine for 3 dollars and im very happy with the price and also the quality of it. the packaging is not the best i`ve seen since it is a thin plastic bottle. but don`t judge a product by it`s packaging because this is worth the price. i love the scent of it and i cant stop smelling it! it is strong so if you don`t like strong scents of apple and sweet fruit scents then you might want to skip this one. so i put this on after the shower when my hair is damp. i use about a dime size amount on my hand and warm it up and work it in into my hair from my ears and below. you`ll notice the strong scent of apples and fruits and even after your hair drys you can smell some of it. it makes my hair soft and manageable with no tangles. but since i naturally have not much tangle problems im not sure if it`ll work for other people`s hair. but I really like it. im probably not going to repurchase this because i want to try more different brands but if my friend asks for a good leave in conditioner, i would recommend this to her since it`s very cheap and it works. THis is my very first leave in conditioner i`ve ever tried so there might be a better one out there in the drugstore but if you want to try this i would recommend it! :)
-packaging is not the best
-it gives you a lot of product(10.2 fl oz)
-the scent is strong apple and fruit scent(sweet)
-it makes hair smooth and tangle free
-price is affordable and reasonable(3-6$ depending on where you go and live)

overall i`d give this a 7 out of 10 since it works and it`s very cheap so why not just try it. not the BEST but not BAD at all. I`ve seen many people that really likes this.

I hope this review on garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioning cream helped you and thanks for reading!
let me know on the comments below if you have any leave in conditioner that you absolutely love or that you recommend! :D bye guys and c u nxt time!!! <3

***the picture is mine and i got the item with my own money.all opinions are my own***

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