HowTo: Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

ice cream cone CUPCAKES

here`s a super quick, easy, and TASTY recipe. i used to use it all the timee, and i just found the recipe on a website i was looking through, so i thought i`d just publish it here

-01. a box of cake mix (the flavor is ALL up to youu) AND you`ll need the ingredients listed on the box.
-02. 36 ice cream cones* (i know it`s a lot, but it`s a batch of 36 cupcakes.)
-03. frosting
-04. muffin tin:P
-05. OPTIONAL;; toppings, like sprinkles and suchh:)

*if you would like to make it look more like a cupcake, and MUCH cuter, carefully cut off the tops of the cones, so that the cones look about the same size as the ones in the set--basically, it should be sorta the size of a cupcake wrapper, or whatever it`s calledxP

THEN, instead of throwing the top of the cones all away, you can thouroughly crumble it and sprinkle the crumbs over the finished cupcake! it really tastes great:) (i hope i explained that well enough..?) comment below if you don`t get it)


STEP O1. preheat your oven to 35O degrees farenheit.

STEP O2: prepare your cake mix.

STEP O3: put the cones in muffin tins, and fill the cones about 2/3 full with your cake batter

STEP O4: bake your cupcakes for 20-25 minutes.

STEP O5: let cool, and then frost the cupcakes with your yummy frostingg:)

STEP O6: finally, sprinkle your toppings onto your cupcake! you can use your ice cream cone crumbs (although i don`t usually use ALL of the crumbs, cause it`s a little too muchh:P), or cute sprinkles, and things like that.

--these cupcakes, i find to be GREAT for parties. my friends lovee them, and they`re a sweet, tasty snack.

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