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So, you want to look like barbie doll? Well i can promise you you`re not alone in this! Recently there has been a massive trend in `looking like a doll` think Valeria Lukyanova. I`m not saying we should all go out and spend $$$ on plastic surgery because even if we wanted to we don`t all have that kind of money. Below are some tips on how you can use cosmetics and other beauty products to capture that barbie look yourself!

1) Hair - BLONDE, BLONDE and did i say blonde? Barbie obviously is blonde and so personally I think you can`t really achieve the barbie look unless you are also blonde. There are other barbie dolls who have hair in other colours but let`s be honest, Barbie will always be known as blonde!
Now a lot of girls falsely assume barbie blonde has to be platinum blonde however this is not always the case as platinum can often look harsh on some people. So I think it is best to go for a blonde which is still light but perhaps in a softer colour for example, when dying my hair I use SB2 Natural Light Cool Summer Blonde. I also suggest the use of hair extensions if you have shorter hair as Barbie often rocks the long locks! However for health reasons I would suggest clip-in extensions as other types can ruin your hair!

2) Make-Up - So, now you know how to achieve perfect Barbie hair next is a crucially important step; Make-Up!

Skin-: Barbie has perfect flawless skin with no blemishes or acne and so obviously you should take care of your skin leaving it in the best shape possible! Also as not many of us are blessed with perfect skin (myself included) foundation, concealer and powder are a must! Apply concealer under dark circles (I suggest Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer- this covers everything) and on any blemishes and then of course your foundation!(I use dream matte mousse.) Then to achieve that flawless looking no shine look apply a pressed powder all over your skin .There you go, perfect barbie skin!

Eyes- For the eyes I would suggest any flattering makeup you can think of but include fake eyelashes! The thicker the better! I usually opt for a smokey eye or a simple winged out look otherwise you can look overdone and harsh if you apply to much eye makeup as well as lashes.
Another option to be considered is the use of contact circle lenses to make your eyes appear bigger, rounder and more doll like. These come in lots of fun colours! PinkyParadise is a great place to purchase cheap, affordable lenses.

Cheeks-: I cannot stress how important contouring is for this look! How else can you achieve natural looking cheekbones if you don`t already have them!? Luckily I do have naturally high cheekbones (yay) but I will be writing and possibly filming a how to highlight and contour video/blog post depending on my camera.
Also remember blush! Apply this straight on to the apples of your cheek bones to achieve a flushed dolly look my personal favorites are Mac Dollymix and another bright pink blush which comes with the Kryolan blush palette

Lips-: This is defiantly the most important part of the make-up and can really help pull the whole look together and complete that barbie look! Apply any bright pink lipstick on to your lips and you`re done. Some of my favorites for this look are Mac Viva Glam Nicki, Mac St German, Barry Lip Paint 90 and there are so many others I could list!

I shall also be doing a part 2 `How YOU can look like Barbie` post based more around clothing and also health and fitness so look out for that! :)

*the pictures used in this blog post are not taken by me and do not belong to me however i felt like they fitted the theme for my post well, if the owner of these images doesn`t want them here then feel free to contact me and I shall remove them*
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