How would it feel to live your life As a Fashion model?

Living your life as a Fashion model sound great ,but look easy.But the truth is;also take`s a lot of work.Did you know your body has to be able to fit 0-14 size in clothes.If that`s not your size they cant use you.You has to make sure you eat right.In you has to take really good care of your skin.You cant have marks on your skin;unless its a beauty mark.
Second Working as a model help`s build new skill,but take work as i say.Learning how to smile,move,stand,is learning all over.Then u have to be able to stand in your panties in Bra in front of the Designer who dressing you making show the clothes fit right.t

After all of the work .you would fined yourself in a magazine or on a bus.It was worthy .Seeing your self looking so amazing.There are all type of model clothes,hands,lingerie,an more. Which one are you.
As part of your every day,being able to spend time with friends an Family .Some where to chill an talk in laugh.laugh. Alot of fan come`s up to you with there camera for a picture with you.Or some one take a piece of your clothes how would you handle of that.Being famous every one thing its easy.You have to balance your everyday life an Famous life to.You has to always keep your cool because someone alway watch to take a picture of you.An you become the world news..Ask your self could you do all of that.
Written by Dianerste Ross

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