How to write a good Food post

3 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Its always fun to share and read about good food. Here are a couple of tips that will help you earn a few extra Luuux$ while youre doing it:

Add a recipe! Whether youre just writing about a good meal youve had or one that you cooked yourself, your readers will be dying to know what was in it and how they could make it for themselves. If the recipe is not your own, don`t copy and paste it. Instead provide a source link to the original recipe and directions.

Remember to include lots of mouthwatering pictures, and if youre posting a recipe or tutorial, you could even try doing it with a video. Again, remember to add source links if you`re using pictures that are not your own.

Being healthy is fun, and its always good to know whats in the food youre making - for extra info for your readers, you can add nutritional values or fun facts about the health benefits. Of course, there should also be room for indulgence, and sometimes you just dont want to know how many calories are in a chocolate cake :)

Bon appetit, and happy Luuuxing!

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