How to write a good Fashion Post

3 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Do you have a passion for fashion? Fashion is the most popular universe on Luuux, so theres no reason not to share your love of fashion with your fellow Luuuxers. Heres a couple of tips to write a fashion blog thats just a cut above the rest:

-Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so dont hesitate to say exactly what you mean. This is your blog and your style!

-Make sure that the photos you upload are good quality and that they show clearly what is is youre trying to say. Its a shame to spend lots of time putting together an outfit just to have it ruined by a low quality picture.

-If you make clothes or accessories yourself, share your secret! Post how-to-guides or tips for your fellow Luuuxers to benefit from.

-If youre using pictures, texts or ideas that arent your own, remember to cite where you got them from.

Have fun, and remember to share your post! Your friends will probably want to know your brilliant fashion ideas, so Facebook is a good place to start.

Happy Luuuxing.

*Picture is owned by Luuux, please do not use without permission.

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