How to wear white with your body shape

4 years ago

White is in, however, white is also fearful because it tends to be very unflattering if it is not worn properly.

Here are some tips I found that would help you rock those white skinny jeans =)

I`ll be referencing the photos as well to help you better understand what I`m talking about.

For Pear Shaped girls, you want the white skinny jeans to flatter your natural curves whilst helping you look lean with long legs.
Try outfit #3 where the top has a soft layer effect that just cuts right below the hip. This helps balance your top to your bottom as well as helping accentuate your waist and chest, giving you more proportion. The cut right at the hip helps show off your natural curves while keeping your legs looking lean.

For cylindrical girls who want to flatter their curves.
Try outfits #2 and #5. The cardigan with the flared sides help give more definition to your bottom. Also, the shirt dress and short cardigan helps promote the hourglass shape, also helping to bring out your hidden curves.

For apple shaped girls who want to balance out their shape, showing off your legs is the way to go.
Try outfits #4 and #6. Outfit #4 helps to balance out your proportion by giving it a longer, leaner look especially when topped off with heels. The wispy-ness of the top helps to hide unflattering areas while promoting the leanness of the legs. Outfit #6 on the other hand, helps promote long legs by showing off the entire leg. The blazer and frilly top help grab attention while looking very chic.

Overall, white jeans can look flattering on anyone, as long as they know which body shape they have and how to work with it instead of working against it.

Hope that helps!

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