How To Wear Colored Tights!

2 years ago

I`ve had a couple pairs of colored rights sitting in my closet for quite awhile (like, a few years...) and realized recently that I`ve never worn them. So I decided to add some color to my work outfits by wearing them! Wearing colored tights isn`t as scary as it may seem - be confident and pair them with outfits that work with your color of choice!

First, I took a look at the colors of tights I had. I was really drawn to these burgundy red ones and decided I would pair them with one of my work outfits. I work in a very hot and humid climate so NO ONE wears tights/stockings, so I knew it was definitely going to be a `big deal` at work, lol! To downplay the brightness of the tights, I knew I had to pair them with some darker colors.

Next, I looked for outfit pieces that wouldn`t distract from the tights, but that also wouldn`t draw way too much attention to them. Wearing all black, for example, would probably be a bad idea. Instead, I wore a tweed grey pencil skirt with a black polka-dot blouse. This kept all the colors in the darker shade family so it all tied together, yet varied the actual shades themselves to give some depth to the outfit.

Throw in a pattern when working with solids! My tights and skirt are pretty much solid colors, so I decided to wear a patterned blouse to give my outfit some more detail. I do love me some nice solids, but a pattern to break it all up is always nice :) I wore simple pearl earrings and a bracelet to keep the outfit classic-looking, and wore plain black pumps (because everyone looks great in black high heels!!).

Don`t be afraid of colored tights - embrace them by knowing how to work best with the color you have. I kept my outfit very simple and worked in darker shades since burgundy is a dark red and I wanted to keep my pieces in the same general shade family so as to not overwhelm the overall look. I got a lot of compliments today and can`t wait to break out some of my other pairs of colored tights! :)

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