How To Wax Your Eyebrows

Well it was time to tame the hairy beasts that are my eyebrows, once again, and I figured, hey, why not post my pain for the world to see!

So here goes: How I Wax My Brows!

Disclaimer: I am in no way a pro at this LOL. Far from! This is just what works for me. Hopefully I can give a little help to those who`ve had trouble with waxing their brows in the past. These steps work great for me :)

1. Getcha self some hairy eyebrows, like mine!

2. And some wax (I use Gigi cream wax), some baby powder, some oil (coconut oil is my preferred go to. It`s good for your skin and won`t break you out!), some waxing cloth strips, an applicator or two and some gentle facial cleanser (I use Purpose, super duper gentle!).

3. Also grab a pair of tweezers and small nail scissors for clean up after waxing. Tweezerman tweezers are the best! I have some not so good Revlon tweezers that I plan on getting rid of soon lol.

4. Throw your wax in the microwave for about a minute, then stir it all up to get it heated all through. It should be pretty runny (it`ll cool off while you do your face prep, so you won`t burn your face off when you use it ;) I find it helpful to put it on a paper plate when you microwave it, just in case there`s any rogue wax on the bottom of the jar. Sneaky, sticky wax!

5. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, like Purpose, then dry really well. After that, put some baby powder all over the area you`re waxing to get it super dry. The baby powder soaks up any oil on your skin, which can affect how well the wax grabs the hairs.

6. By now, your wax should be nice and perfectly cooled to warm. So get yourself an applicator and get a little blob on the end. Not too much, not too little.

7. Then spread a thin layer over the hairs you want to wax, covering the whole area. If you`re not sure what shape you want your eyebrows to be, maybe don`t wax at home... haha! But seriously, if you`ve never done hair removal, it may be a good idea to leave it to the professionals. But if you`re a balls to the wall kinda gal (or guy), go for it. What`s the worst that could happen, except maybe losing a brow, haha! Anyway, if you`re going for it and you don`t know what shape would be good for your face... well maybe I should write a blog about that, more to come... but for the time being, play around with some eyeliner a few shades darker then your brows. Draw a line to shape out your brow and if you don`t like it, use some eye makeup remover or gentle soap to remove it and start again. Repeat until you have something you`re happy with, then apply the wax below that line to get rid of the strays.

8. Before that gets all hard and dry on your lovely skin, put a strip of cloth on the wax and push down firmly to get the wax to really cling to the cloth.

9. Then for the big moment, rippy rip! Hold the skin at your temple to keep it from going with the wax when you rip it off, then pull the cloth strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Which would be pulling from your hairline toward your nose. Bear down and yank fast!

If it hurts real, real bad when you do it, use your fingers to put some pressure on the area. It will relieve some of the pain. Then grow a pair and finish your brows!

10. The next area to wax will be the top of the brow. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT CHANGE THE SHAPE OF THE TOP OF YOUR BROW!! That will completely change your look, and likely not in a good way! If you want to change the top of your brows, get a pro involved. That being said, you need to remove the strays. So follow the same steps you did underneath your brows, and do the same to the top.

11. And then, the center area. The most challenging of the brow. The shape of the center makes it really difficult to get the cloth strip in there to pull all o` them wee little hairs. But we can do it!

So rip that off, and repeat on the other side. All fin!

12. Bring out Mr. Tweezerman! You`ll probably have a few stubborn hairs that just refused to come out. So tweeze those babies to perfect your look!

13. Now to get all that sticky goo off your brows. Oil is the only thing that`ll cut through that goopy goo. So if you`re using coconut oil, it`s a solid in it`s natural state. Which is ok. Grab a dime-quarter size amount and rub it between your fingers to melt it down a bit. Then rub all over the area you waxed until every bit of the wax is removed-a!

14. Then grab your wee little scissors. You can either use your finger or an eyelash/eyebrow brush to brush the hairs up. Use the scissors to snip the hairs that stick up above the beautiful hair line you`ve created.

Then get on your boogie shoes because it`s time to dance out the door with your fabulous new brows!

Hope you can use some of these steps to help out with your own waxing process! Til next time, here`s lookin` at your brows, kid ;)
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