How to use sugar wax

5 years ago

Follow my earlier post to learn how to make the wax

Now that you made the perfect batch, lets start stripping....errrr I mean the hair. First you need to wash the body part you need to wax so there is no oil or lotion residue. Use baby powder, talc or corn starch (for super natural girls). Dust it off so you don`t have powder laying on your skin, it should just be used so wax doesn`t adhere to your skin. Take your spatula and test out the wax in small portion to see if it is warm enough. This wax has to be little warm so either pop it in microwave or use double boiler. I have the wax heater so I use that. Anyways once the temperature is good for you, spread layer of wax going in same direction as your hair for legs you are moving your spatula in downward motion. After that take a strip of cloth and rub it in the motion of hair growth....again you can save money by using your old tee cut into strips or buy waxing strips from store. Now take one deep breath and lift the strip from the opposite end. Be careful and do not lift up, lift it close to your body . Once you lift the strip there is enough wax to run over different spots...once you can`t stick the strip anymore, start using another one. When you lift the strip, it hurts like B@@@@@ but the best thing you can do is apply little pressure with your fingers and the pain goes away rather quickly. Do not try to get every single hair by going over it many times. Twice is fine but I made a mistake by trying to go over few strands many times and now that area is hurting and all red. When you get done with waxing, you can easily rinse away the wax because it is just sugar and lemon. Your legs will be exfoliated while you do the waxing. When you dry off, you can apply witch hazel or some oil to calm down your skin. Try using something that has antibacterial property to be safe. Don`t wear tight fitting cloth right away and avoid going in sun right after because your legs will be bumpy and sensitive. You can apply lotion and don`t worry about tiny hair here and there....if you are really stickler about every single hair then maybe you should try regular waxing as it is better at taking smaller hair or wait till all hair is grown out.

There is another cool way that you can use this same product but use it without the read about it please read my

Hope this was a helpful post and oh yea before I forget, if you are diabetic then please use your judgement before trying this.

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