How to Use a Hair Doughnut

4 years ago

Bye Bye Bad Hair Days! Have you ever had one of those mornings where no matter what you do to your hair it just wont go right? Who am I kidding, everyone has those days (me seemingly more than most) where throwing on a hat or scraping your hair up into a ponytail is a better option than trying to convince people that your birds nest inspired do is intentional. A few weeks ago I noticed that a friend of mine was rocking a messy bun that looked a bit too effortlessly casual to be a result of a bad hair day. After some intense interrogation she revealed that she was wearing a doughnut, a contraption that looked as stylish as a brillo pad but had apparently saved her from a lifetime of bad hair days. The doughnut creates a cushion at the top of the head that hair is then shaped around to give the illusion of a big, fun bun. I picked up my own online at and after a couple of (frankly terrible) practice runs I soon got the hang of this seasons latest must have hairdo. If you fancy giving the doughnut a go or are struggling to get your hair to stay in the style, here is my easy step by step guide. Tools Hair Doughnut Size depends on the length of your hair, for shorter hair choose a small doughnut. Try and match the colour to your own hair colour. Hair Grips Hair Spray 1. Put hair in a ponytail, tipping your head back to get a smooth finish. The placement of your ponytail dictates where your bun will be; if you are aiming for a top not style create a high ponytail. 2. Thread your ponytail through the middle of the doughnut. 3. Find the centre of the ponytail and spread out the hair to cover the hair doughnut, ensure that the entire doughnut is evenly covered. 4. Secure hair in place using one hand whilst wrapping the end of your hair in a circular motion around the doughnut. 5. Hair should naturally tuck under the bun however ensure that hair stays tight and smooth as you continue covering the hair doughnut. 6. Using hair grips, secure the end of the hair underneath the bottom of the bun. Add extra grips to different positions around the bun for extra hold. 7. Customise your bun by pulling strands to shape your face or by gently combing strands out of the bun. 8. Voila, one easy-peasy hair style that will get you out of any bad hair day disaster. Image Source: hair

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