How to treat pimples

When we begin to enter adulthood we want the terrible teens pimples disappear, more like everything in this life does not always want WHAT happens when dealing with pimples and anything can happen ...
The spines of the adult has some striking features such as: usually appear with more intensity on the chin, neck and sometimes on the forehead, at least save our cheeks. Try squeezing them is not recommended (do not do it ever!), The area may swell and inflame, and is very painful.

The best thing to do is not mess not to leave the marked skin and seek your doctor to investigate the possible causes and therefore treat them properly to go away at once.

It`s good to get a correct diagnosis with a dermatologist for treatment to be appropriate.

Home treatments are not indicated, at most recommend to cleanse the skin before bedtime because the clogged pores by makeup, especially for those who have oily skin, will certainly lead to a framework of acne cosmetics.

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