How to Test a Guy to See If He Is Faithful - Do This Before He Ends Up Cheating on You

5 years ago

By Krista Hiles
There comes a time in your love life when you want to do an audit and find out if all your investment of time and emotions is going in the right direction. If you feel that your guy might be two timing you or being plain unfaithful check for some or all of these.
See if he gets attracted to other women
Take your guy to a place where you are likely to meet a lot of beautiful women. Now from the corner of your eye see if he is checking them out. A casual checking will not indicate his unfaithfulness; however, if he lusts after them then he is certainly getting distracted from you.
Pressure him on a commitment
Start applying mild pressure on him to commit to you. Slowly as time passes increase the pressure. If he is being unfaithful he will crack and confess that he no longer sees you as his long term interest.
Watch out for his reactions
When in the presence of hot women check if he tries to attract their attention. If a woman does show interest in him, check how he reacts to her attention. If he gladly flirts with her and shows little interest in you then there is a chance that he might turn unfaithful in the near future.
Look for the smoking gun
Drop in at his office unannounced or if he is studying at the place he hangs out. If he shows displeasure at seeing you and whisks you away to someplace far then obviously he is meeting someone else too.
Laptop, phone, wallet
His laptop or cell phone or wallet will have a wealth of information on his recent activities. If you find suspicious receipts or emails/texts then you need to confront him. He will not readily agree but will ensure from now on you don`t get access to his stuff. Well, this is sure sign that he is being unfaithful.
Check if he misses you
You may also test his love for you by telling him that you are going out of town for a few days/weeks. If he shows no emotion or does not want to go with you or does not call you as often as he used to then he is definitely being unfaithful to you.
Flirt with others yourself
To test his love and commitment for you, start mild flirting with other men and as time goes on do some serious flirting and look for his reactions. If he remains unperturbed then he does not love you as much and therein lies your answer.

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