How to tell if you`re a makeup addict!

I`m going to assume you have some inclination to believe you may be a self proclaimed `makeup addict`. I can surely say I am! Here`s 5 ways to tell if you are addicted with no plan of recovery!

1. You are running out of storage space.
- Let`s face it, you have run out of room a long time ago, but somehow you make it work. You use jewelry boxes, mugs to hold your brushes and ice cube trays as an eye shadow organizer.

2. You`re on a first name basis with the employees at your local beauty store.
- Don`t feel bad, they know me, I know them. It`s sad, but true. Wear a disguise during your next visit so they don`t ask what you`re doing with all the makeup your buying. `You were just here yesterday weren`t you?` I hear that ALL the time. *sigh*

3. You buy multiples of the same product in fear of the `apocalypse`.
- Hey look, I`m not judging you, I do the same thing. Maybe that`s why I`m writing this article. I`m addicted too. You never know, when the zombies take over you will be so glad you stocked up on MAC concealer.

4. You`re a VIB Rouge member at Sephora.
- Refer back to my recent article on how to obtain Rouge status. It`s a wonderful, fantastic, horrible, money-gobbling, burning a hole in your pocket customer appreciation rewards program. I highly suggest you join. They have coupons. Who doesn`t love coupons?

5. You spend more on makeup than you do on clothes.
-Once again, I`m guilty of this. I often find myself getting ready with a full face on, and I have NOTHING to wear. I have primers, concealers and lipsticks galore, but not a single pair of jeans to wear.

Comment down below any other reasons why someone would be classified as a makeup addict. Thanks for reading!


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