How to tell if you have fake Beats?

Many people are trying to save an extra penny these holidays by ordering online from sites such as Ebay, Craigslist, etc. A big product out on the market for the past 3 years has been headphones by Dr.Dre called beats. These headphones have noise cancellation and leather interior, but they are very expensive.

Many people are trying to get someone a long loved prize, but you dont necessarily want to give them a knock-off item.

To tell if beats are knockoffs:
1.At the bottom of the box find the little "TM" sign beside the word "studio" if its not their this is a huge indication you dont have the real deal.
2.The picture on the box of Dr.dre on knock offs are usually much darker and not as bright as ones you may see in the stores.
3. The biggest sign to you have been lied to is if inside the headphones DR.dre signature isn`t there.

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