How to Tell If He Likes You

Wanna know if your crush likes you? Here are some techniques that you can try on anyone to see if they like you:

1. Now, this is probably the most obvious technique in the world, but if you catch him staring at you over and over, he probably likes you. As human beings, we looking at things we think are beautiful and attractive. If he looks away quickly, he is shy. If he keeps staring at you, even if he knows you`ve seen him, he`s more outgoing. If you think hes staring at you but youre not sure, yawn. Yawning is contagious, so if you yawn and he yawns back, it means hes watching you.
2. If his pupils dilate (get bigger) when he sees you. Studies show that a person`s pupils dilate when they see something they are attracted to.
3. If he grooms himself when he sees you looking at him or when you talk to him. Usually, when boys are around someone they like, they get nervous and try to fix their appearance. They will usually run a hand through their hair or look down at their outfit to make sure it looks okay.
4. If he touches you unnecessarily. For example, if you are walking down an empty hallway and he brushes shoulders with you, even though there was a lot of room and he didn`t have to, or if his hand touches yours and he doesn`t move it away.
5. If he treats you differently than he treats his friends. For instance, if he is really outgoing and funny around his friends, but he`s usually quiet and shy around you, it could mean that he likes you and just doesn`t wanna say the wrong things. Sometimes, it may seem like hes ignoring you, but hes not. He is probably just shy and you may need to initiate the conversation.
6. If he cracks a joke in front of some friends and looks at you to see if you are laughing, this means that he wants to know if you think what he said was funny. He cares about what you think of him.
7. If he teases you, he probably likes you...or hes just a jerk. Guys dont usually know how to express their feelings, so if they like you, they arent going to walk up to you and be like, I love you so muuuuchhh! Nope. Theyll do they complete opposite. This can also include mimicking you if you say something weird or mess up a sentence. Just dont take it too personally. Hes not trying to be mean, he just wants to get your attention. Its just a guy being a guy.
8. Physical distance. For instance, if you stand on one side of a room and hes on the same side, you may move to the other side of the room and he will just magically appear there as well. This means that he wants to be closer to you.
9. He asks questions and listens to your answers. If he asks you what your favorite kind of candy is and then brings you that candy a few weeks or months later, it means he might like you because not only did he listen to you, but he got you candy! How sweet! Literally.
10. If his eyebrows rise and fall when he sees you. This doesnt always mean hes trying to make a move on you, unless hes making it totally obvious. Studies show that people do this when trying to adjust their eyes and get a better view of something. In this case, hes trying to get a better view of you!
11. He will lean toward you when talking to you. This means that he really wants to make sure hes hearing what you are saying.
12. He will give you compliments and/or notice the slightest changes in your appearance, for example, if you get a haircut or paint your nails a different color, hell notice.
13. He asks for your phone number and constantly texts you. This means that he just likes talking to you.
14. Some guys tend to show off from time to time, just to impress you. If someone tells a story and he tells a more extravagant story or tries to one-up people a lot, he may be trying to impress you...or (again) hes just a jerk.
15. He laughs at your jokes, even if they arent funny.
16. When hes around you, he smiles...constantly...Like, to the point where you are thinking, Oh my gawd, dont his cheeks hurt?
17. He will do random favors for you and/or go out of his way to help you. This can mean picking up your pencil each time you drop it or giving you his lunch because you forgot to bring yours that day.
18. As much as you may or may not hate what Im about to say, it needs to be known. Friends are a big part of this. He may ask your friends about you. Also, if hes told his friends he likes you, they may smile whenever youre around or look at him and at you to see if hes going to bust a move.They may also laugh and push him towards you, encouraging him to talk to you.
19. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys.
20. If he says your name a lot when talking to you, he likes you...and your name.

Thats all for now, lovelies! Does anyone want me to write a post on how to get a guy to like you? Please comment! Good luck! And remember, if he doesnt like you, theres plenty of fish in the sea! Dont waste your time! I love you all! Bye!

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