How to take pictures of your make-up looks

Do you find it hard to take nice pictures of your make-up looks? Here are some tips on how to do it!

LIGHTING. Lighting is very important; natural light always works best. The best time to take most photographs are in the early morning or afternoon. Try to avoid direct sunlight, as this tends to wash out the color. Any brightly lit room will do.

BACKGROUND. Choose a simple background, so it won`t distract from your make-up.

FOCUS. Make sure that you`re focusing only your make-up. Use the macro setting of your camera - even unexpensive cameras have one.

ANGLE. When photographing your eyes look down as opposed to squeezing your eye shut. Try raising your eyebrow or lifting it so you can get a better view of the color on your lid when making a photo of your eye.

CROPPING. If its off-center or not close enough, crop and center the photo. That way our main focus is on the makeup.


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