How to style a denim jacket!

5 years ago

Hello Girls!!
So today I thought I would give you some tips that are helpful for me, when styling a denim jacket =) if they are helpful for me, they can be helpful for other people too, I thought.
So let`s start:

I`m not a huge fan of total look on denim, so when I style a denim jacket I avoid jeans, instead I choose...
-A dress: white (or another colour that makes a good contrast with the colour of the jacket), cute, girly dresses can do a cute look with a denim jacket =) a pair of sandals, some bracelets... and we`re good to go, use the colours that you love for the accesories, I love wearing a white lace dress, the denim jacket, and use sandals in camel as well the accessories (= but you can wear oranges, yellows, pinks...
-shorts! coloured ones =) with a top detailed, I usually wear white shorts, and on the top or t-shirt I choose colours, for this summer and spring you can go for neon colours or pastel colours they are great for this type of look =) if you love printed shirts, you can use them too =) be carefull on accesoryzing this look, remember that less is always more =) if the top has many detailes, keep simple with just some bracelets, and put your necklaces and big earrings aside (:
-summer pants in cotton, again I tell you to wear colours that contrast and blues that aren`t "denim blues" =)
-for shoes, I usually try to stay away from sneakers, because they can make the look a little odd or effortless, I go for sandals and summery shoes =)
-If I want to wear something dark blue with a denim jacket, I try to wear the black blue on shorts or accessories like the bag, the shoes, or a scarf/earrings... and in that case, for this season I remeber of the navy inspiration, that I like a lot, and try to wear something that reminds me of this trend!

Hope this helped =)

Talk to me:
How do you style you`r denim jacket?
Do you have any suggestions besides the ones that I gave when styling a denim jacket?
Did this helped you to have an idea on how to wear you`r denim jacket?

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