How to Study For Finals

* How TO Study For Finals*
Yes, College is hard, but when finals are here you know the end of the semester that cute guy in your class mite not see him around next semester. So Ladies power your nose, grab your favorite bold lip stick and swing those hips !

1. Walk next to that cute guy in going/leaving class and ask him if he study for the finals. If not and the vibe is right ask him " well, maybe we should study together"

2. Grab his attention! Even when around his friends guys will still look at hot girl lol..... So be brave and put a smile on your face....... keep walking near him until he talks to you.

4. Look pretty for all your class and test! I always dress extra nice for a test. Why you may ask? well, i always say the prettier you look the easy the test will be. lol but of course you news to study and this will help you to have confidence.

if none of these dont work then that guy your crushing on could have a gf/wife/gay. who the hell knows!!! lol Your pretty and you know it BABY!!! good LUCk And always keep your head up

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